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About Us

The Mysore Room in Orlando aims to teach the Ashtanga Yoga method in the traditional manner.  Your instructor will observe your movements and form a relationship with you to understand your strengths and weaknesses.  Most people have asymmetrical bodies and this is the heart of what we strive to improve.  Understanding our personal imbalances helps us to move towards bringing balance back into the body to lessen and potentially relieve chronic pain and muscle tension.



Priscilla Payne

Priscilla is a licensed massage therapist MA#79604, which means she has completed rigorous human anatomy training to better understand how muscles produce or restrict movements in the joints of the body and how to help people with human touch.  She has studied extensively in Mysore under Saraswati Jois and Vijay Kumar making annual trips to India since 2013.  She has been practicing yoga since 2006, although her practice really blossomed once she found the right teachers in 2018.  She appreciates a systematic and inquisitive approach towards the practice.  

Prior to teaching yoga Priscilla was a software developer for 11 years.  She had been analyzing computer systems for quite a while before she began analyzing yogic systems of movement.   She has worked through some tough issues in her own body including lordosis of the spine, mild scoliosis, torn muscles, subluxation of the knee, a bunion, TMJ disorder and she even had to wear braces in her shoes when she was young.  Correct posture has never been easy for her and she realized she was quite different from other students when she took group yoga classes.  Those classes left so many unanswered questions in her mind and painful sensations in her body.  When her toes started to go numb and she went through a series of professionals that were unable to pinpoint the cause of her disintegrating physical condition she decided she had to take matters into her own hands by studying massage.  Priscilla has also healed from PTSD and is an avid advocate for people with neurological conditions and other anxiety related problems.  Now she can feel her toes and stand straighter and with less pain than ever.  She hopes to bring this gift of anatomical understanding, mental peace and healing to others.


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Mysore Room Orlando
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