How is Mysore style yoga different from other types of yoga?

This system of yoga is taught individually to each student.  You will learn how to move to the best of your ability while synchronizing your movements with your breath.  This requires you to do some memorization of the sequence allowing you to move at your own pace.  Eventually the instructor will not have to help you to remember the next pose and you will be able to move with complete independence.  When you are free to go at your own pace you will develop a deeper connection to your body and the effects of the practice on your body.  Practicing this way allows you to slow down and notice your difficult areas which can lead to a greater understanding of your conditions.  If you are not practicing with your mind then you are not forming a mind-body connection as quickly.  Mysore yoga requires you to actively participate in this practice with both your body and mind working together to understand the intricate nature of your conditions.  We all have different scars and traumatic events that have left marks on our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.  We must each work to unwind these patterns of tension as individuals.

Can I show up if I have already studied the Ashtanga sequence?

Yes!  We would love to have you join our classes if you are familiar with the sequence.  

Can I practice if I don't have the sequence memorized?

We expect students to work on memorizing the poses so that we can work with each of you individually while we all share the same room.  If you worry that you don't have it "good enough" or if you worry about forgetting the poses your teacher will guide you.  Please don't let your fear of the memorization keep you from joining us!

How can I pay?

Elevate Yoga Center hosts our yoga classes.  Please visit the Sign Up page to link to their website to purchase classes in their Mind Body software system.  We sell classes by the week, if you wan to purchase a full month just buy 4 weeks.

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