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When should I not practice?

Students should expect body soreness.  Ashtanga is a very challenging practice because it is a prescription to heal the body and the mind.  The only time you should not practice is during heavy days of a menstrual cycle, a moon day or if you have a fever or contagious condition.  Please tell me if you have any medical concerns because we can find modifications if it's appropriate and we appreciate you helping everyone stay healthy.


Please arrive bathed and in clean clothes that are free of odor. Bring a hand towel.

Get Calendar Updates

Subscribe to the Mysore Room Calendar to get alerts on moon days and when class is occasionally canceled.


Jewlery,  Perfume, Lotions

Please refrain from wearing jewlery, watches, necklaces, dangling earrings, bulky bracelets or rings.  Do not wear perfume, essential oils, or lotions.

Payment & Sign-in

Elevate Yoga Center is our host. Payments are made through the wellness living app available from by clicking on the schedule to book a class. If you are new, just create an account in the app so you can sign the waiver form. If you have any trouble finding the Mysore class listed for purchase in the app don't worry. You can just come in and I will help you complete the process. It has to be completed in person with the card present for the first purchase. We can save your card to file for future purchases.

$108 per month (30 days)

$18 drop in

Be Prepared

Be ready to work hard, sweat and stay focused.  Arrive hydrated and rested.

Right To Refuse Service

The Florida Department of Health governs massage therapists and the law states that we can refuse service to anyone for any reason. Currently I require covid vaccination to participate to protect the health of myself and all the members of this community who are practicing deep breathing in the shared space.


  • Practice is best with an empty stomach

  • 4,5, and 6 days a week will produce the best benefits from the practice

  • Ask questions sparsely, try to maintain quiet focus

  • Keep talking and distractions to a minimum

  • Ask questions before or after practicing

  • We do not practice on the new moon or full moon days, check the calendar to see when class is canceled

  • "Ladies holiday" ladies may take 24 - 72 hours rest each month for the heavy days of menstruation

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